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Men and Women Have the Same Ratio in Playing video Games.

Back in the years people thought that women are never interested in playing video games like men did. Well perhaps there was some truth in this since women used to hide the fact that they’d play video games. Men were believed to be video game lovers of which they spent most of their free time doing so than women did. It is quite amazing that women have become fond of playing video games just like men do. The reason of this to happen is because of the technology, the way everything have changed and people are now getting to know the meaning of video games. Research have confirmed that quite a number of women tend to be indulged in playing video games and this has been promoted due to the digitized system whereby most women find it easier and comfortable to play video games from wherever.

In the current years quite a number of women have been confirmed to be interested in playing video games. More so people would say that the type of video games that attract women is different from the ones that attract men. Well this may seem so as that’s what people want to think, to your surprise the type of video games women love tend to match the ones for men. Research have confirmed that women and men are playing similar video games and also the ratio that is attracted to the same video games from both men and women is almost the same. Actually there is no huge difference, this is the world of wonders and women and men tend to have the same taste when it comes to playing video games. Even in the year 2019 the ratio of women who play video games tend to get attracted to the same as the ones for men that is very impressive. The perception of excluding women from men is way too backward since the genre equality is real also the interests tend to be equal.

The good about playing video games is that it sharpens the mind and when both women and men think of those lines then it becomes for their own interests. Women who participate in playing video games tend to be very smart and they can easily make wise decisions. Playing video games has more than enough health benefits of which one of them is the culprits can think smart and make quick decisions. When women play video games their minds become even more brilliant of which this has been sort of a motivation to all interested women and many other reasons.

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