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How to Feed Large Groups Easy and Cheap

Wedded couples know how expensive wedding caterings can be with some spending above ten thousand dollars for a single wedding. Whether you are planning a wedding, party, family gathering or any other social event now, there are inexpensive meal options for large groups you can serve. You don’t need to stress yourself about how you will feed everyone at the big family gathering you have coming up. If you are wondering how you will feed all the people attending your social event, you can read more here.

If you are hosting group dinners or social even for this company, you can borrow slow cookers from friends and neighbors and make various types of soup. You can also make things easier at your event by setting up these various types of soups for self-service. Vegetarian options like broccoli and cheese should dominate your diet if you want to keep the costs low but you should set up one soup with meat.

Instead of making fajitas at your even in anticipation of the guests, you will be able to keep the catering costs low if you provide the ingredients and have them put together their own fajitas. Having your guests make their own fajitas will keep the costs low but addition of certain things like guacamole, salsa or chips will make it a party. Macaroni and cheese is a lot of people’s favorite making it one of the best dinner ideas ever for large groups of people.

You can make large trays to feed everyone you are expecting and the good thing is you can make it ahead of time then just pop it in the oven at the time of the party. You can buy small rolls of sliders in bulk packages if it is an option you are considering for your event. When you choose to go with sliders for your party, you can buy any of the different options available and then use the oven to melt the cheese and hold them together.

When you have an event coming up, get a couple of pork tenderloins and cook them in a slow cooker for a couple of hours in anticipation of your guests. Apart from macaroni and cheese, baked ziti is also a lot of people’s favorite and an option you can consider for feeding the people who will be attending your event. With the tips explained in this article, you can plan, execute and feed everyone at your event properly without breaking the bank.

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